Unibar 2nd gen

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At the beginning of 2013 we were happy to have launched the Uni bar, which had been
anticipated for quite a while. The Uni bar had been carefully designed and engineered for
over 2 years, but the innovation did not end with its debut. Over the past year, we have been
busy improving the quality and performance of the system, bringing  it to the next level.

The 2nd generation Uni bar has many added benefits from its predecessor. Some of these
improvements are in material, some in design and some are in new parts, but all of them
are to ensure a comfortable, safe and long lasting bar. As you scroll down, you will see for
yourself the added benefits of the next generation system. Enjoy.


This is the heart of the system and a key element in the bar’s rigidity. The solid aluminum one-piece mold provides a stiffness which gives you a direct feel for the kite, as well as a durable and light foundation.
A new special heat treatment and sand blasting technique ensure the Core is much more durable and preserves a clean look after many hours on the water.

  • Aluminum one piece core
  • Special heat treatment and sand
    blasting construction process


A large part of our design and testing processes focused on finding the perfect lightweight material, capable of contending with the extreme conditions associated with kiteboarding. Extensive research led to a solution found in airbag canisters. This special nylon formula has proven to work well in abrasive and prolonged ocean conditions. It increases the bar’s rigidity without increasing its weight.

  • Special nylon coating
  • Rigid and strong, yet lightweight


With the help of experts in the field of kinesiology (the study of mechanical body behavior), we have given the Uni a supported diagonal cut on the outer half to promote comfortable, long-term riding. This tweak also allows for better leverage for increased turning speed. The inner half of the bar is still horizontal, which is perfect for freestyle riders who need horizontal leverage.

  • A unique kinetic profile design
  • Diagonal cut on outer half
  • Standard horizontal profile on inner half


The bar is fitted with a super-comfortable and strong grip pad. The embossing process provides a lightweight and durable outer layer. This has undoubtedly raised the standard in comfort and functionality.

  • Super comfortable
  • Durable
  • Non-slip, ribbed pattern


The Uni is designed to provide safety, dependability and worry-free riding. With that in mind the QR core is made from a strong nylon composite, similar to the material used to coat the shell. Smart engineering has provided line holes for easy replacement with any 6mm Spectra Lines.

  • Super-strength nylon core
  • Easily replaceable depower lines


The bar features a double-molded QR slider with silicon coating, which allows you to easily de-activate the system by applying 4kgs of force and works for loads as light as 5kgs and as heavy as 200kgs. The ridiculously easy reattachment process will let you save your kite way before it gets bombarded on the beach.

  • Double-molded with silicon coating
  • Deactivation in 4kgs of force, between loads of 5kg to 200kg
  • Hassle free re-attachment mechanism


Specifically molded out of virtually indestructible TPE-X material, the chicken loop lock will never fail. It comes at a slightly offset angle as standard, so it’s out of the way for unhooked riding but is easily fitted into the spreader bar for a freeride shredding session.

  • Indestructible TPE-X molded piece
  • Standard offset setting
  • Detachable


Purchasing a bar shouldn’t involve compromising on design features that are important to you. That’s why we’ve made the Uni bar as versatile as possible. The cleat can be easily adjusted on the beach to change the bar throw to your preferred setting. So, if you’re vertically challenged or have a very specific riding preference, you’ll be easily accommodated with the appropriate bar throw length.

  • Easily adjustable bar throw


Easy to position stopper ball. With one hand you can easily set to your preference, but when engaged with bar stick, the stopper ball gets locked in place.

  • Easy positioning stopper ball
  • Compatible with previous model


The ultimate in convenience and aesthetics, a rust-free bearing in the swivel lets you pop as many rolls as your heart desires, or at least until your buddies rag on you to learn a new trick. The T2 swivel has been beefed up to ensure longer lasting and easier movement of the safety line.

  • Hands-free swivel
  • Rust-free bearing
  • Easy movement of the safety line


Having lines that are too thick may affect the kite’s performance, while lines that are too thin and stretchy may do the same. Therefore the Uni is fitted with Austrian Teufelberger FL-14 and FL-10 series lines. The middle lines are fitted with the FL-14 model, which are slightly thicker but stretch 70% less than standard ones. The FL-10 is used for the outer lines, which lowers the overall weight and still maintains integrity.

  • Teufelberger FL series lines


Versatile bar length

Easily changeable bar length from 44cm to 52cm

Fitted Design

Custom fit construction keeps the entire chicken loop system rigid for easy rehook